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I'm Maren

I'm the face and mind behind the camera. I bought my first camera as a mom wanting to document her kids. What started as a hobby has grown into a love affair with photography. I am a documentarian at heart and consider it a privilege to be the one to capture your families and lives.

I live for all things creative. Sparkles and golden light are life. I have visions that I can't get out of my head until I create them with my kids, my friends, my pets, basically anyone who will let me. What I'm saying here, is that if you're ever wanting something totally outside the box and fun, I'M YOUR GIRL. Capturing time and emotion is my thing. One day, I'll have shelves of photo books to hand down to my kids because I think it's so important to document our lives and be transported in time, for both the momentous occasions and the ordinary... the mundane and the day-to-day.

I am also a knitting and macrame fanatic when I actually have spare time. Luckily, newborn photography offers me a productive outlet for knitting and many of my pieces are handmade and, therefore, unique to MiraBella Photography! I should note that before I started knitting for newborns, my family had an over-abundance of scarves and blankets, neither of which is terribly useful here in sunny Texas... (we hail from North Dakota, where those things are actually vital). My family is grateful for the new outlet!

I live on lattes. I'm always in leggings, rocking a mom bun. I'm a mom of FOUR wonderful children, spanning from age 2 to 16, so I'm pretty much busy and chaotic ALL THE TIME. This makes me kind of terrible at responding to messages in a timely manner sometimes... I'm the cliche look-at-your-phone-and-then-set-it-down-and-forget-it girl. I get interrupted in the middle of pretty much everything I do. I'm sure y'all get it! I have good intentions, I swear. And thank you for your patience while my life currently revolves around high-maintenance toddlers, school-agers, one slightly angsty but wonderful teen, and a husband who travels internationally on the regular.


I love my clients and I LIVE for beautiful imagery that captures your family's love and dynamics. Thank you for letting me stop time for you and preserve those memories. It's an honor.



MiraBella Photography offers high-quality, emotive imagery for all stages of life.

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