The Davis Journey

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Meet Brianna.

Brianna Davis is the sweetest woman you'll ever meet. She is a registered respiratory therapist, but currently living her dream as a stay-at-home mom to her super-handsome son, Kaiden. Brianna is married to Tyler.


They're the CUTEST couple in the world. Their love for each other radiates out into the world in a way that'll make you jealous. Tyler is in the Army and you can just see that taking care of his family is kinda his thing. 

This past April, they were ECSTATIC to find out that they were pregnant for baby number two! The pregnancy went along as to be expected... until their 20-week anatomy scan. You know, the one that everyone is excited to go to so they can find out the gender of the sweet little babe they've been getting to know over the past 20 weeks. 


As the anatomy scan progressed, something shifted in the room. They noticed a change in the tone of the ultrasound. And then they got the most terrifying news a parent can receive; something was wrong. 


Sweet baby Jackson had something going on with his brain. It wasn't yet clear what that was and they had to endure a weekend of hell waiting to find out more.


Cue a sweet post by Brianna's friend in an Austin Mom's Group begging for prayers and positivity... When I read about their story, I instantly felt for them. It's terrifying to hear that something is wrong with the sweet babe you've been carrying and getting to know and dreaming up a million different futures for. I knew that I had to do something for this family and the one gift that I could give, of any kind of meaning, was the gift of imagery to document their journey. It's not much, but it's something. Something to give them to look forward to and find some beauty amongst the stress. So I reached out to Brianna and met who I now know is the sweetest woman EVER



Their journey has come a long way since then and they've gotten a lot more answers. But in the meantime, they met with countless doctors, heard terrifying words like "termination," and worried about the health and wellbeing of this baby they'd come to know as Jackson. They've now gotten a diagnosis of Midline Dural Sinus Malformation, which has contributed to a blood clot in baby Jackson's brain. It is EXTREMELY rare. They're hopeful because thus far there is no brain damage seen on the frequent scans they receive, but they still don't know what to expect after he is born. They have to check his heart immediately upon birth, then complete an MRI, and then potentially go straight into procedures to stop the extra blood flow creating the blood clot. Best case scenario, they'll have to monitor him closely for the first few years of his life and worry and wait. 


They've had to have hard discussions with their son, Kaiden, about the "boo boo" on baby brother's brain and the extra special love and care that he will need when he arrives. Kaiden is so concerned for his brother and is very clearly going to be the best big brother to him. 


So for now, keep the Davis' in your thoughts. They've had a long, stressful journey bringing Baby Jackson this far. He'll be here before they know it and who knows what the first few days and weeks of this little one's life will bring. I know I can't wait to meet him and I can only hope that it's under the best of circumstances, following an easy birth and uneventful hospital stay.


Stay Strong, Baby Jackson. We all can't wait to meet you.





If you'd like to follow the Davis family's story, check out their youtube channel: The Davis Fam



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