The Sitter Session.

March 01, 2019  •  1 Comment

If you're not a photographer, you might not have heard the term "Sitter Session."

Y'all. It's my FAVORITE. 

If I had to pick one type of session to do for the rest of my life, this. is. it.



So what is a sitter? Just like it sounds, it's a sweet little babe who is at the "sitting" stage. This generally happens between 4 and 8 months, depending on your little's developmental timeline. Every babe is different. 

This sweet spot in a little's first year is perfect for photographs. They're upright. They're smiling. They think everything is amazing. And they haven't developed stranger danger yet... which means they still think I'm super cool and funny. I will probably make a complete fool of myself for your sitter. Because their little toothless smiles are EVERYTHING. 

This past month, I had Milestone Minis specifically for babies 18 months and under, specifically because I love these ages SO MUCH. Babies change so much their first year that you have to document them quite a bit to catch all those beautiful little stages. Minis are a great, budget-friendly way to do this. Want to know the best part? EVERYTHING  you see here is part of my client closet. That means you show up with your kiddo (NO SHOPPING AT THE LAST MINUTE) and I put them in these adorable little outfits and style them in a way that highlights their cuteness, but doesn't distract with a bunch of background noise. Don't worry, I have plenty of cute things for the fellas too! Certainly if you have a slight shopping addiction like I do and love to style your own tiny human, you can do that too! 

Which brings us to this girl. She is perfect, no? I have never met a more picture-perfect baby girl. And her beautiful little personality matched her beautiful face and she just sat happily, smiling and giving me the sweetest faces in the world. 





I wanted to put her into all of my little outfits and rompers and style her with ALL. THE. THINGS. I could have kept going forever with this little sweetie. 


But this is what a Sitter Session looks like. They're glorious. And here's the good news... MiraBella Photography will now offer MONTHLY MINIS for your littles 12 months and under. Have at it, parents. Capture all the moments. All the monthly photos. All their personality changes. All their new tricks and faces.




Sandra Silva(non-registered)
Your work is just beautifully styled and so lovely. And, in the interest of full transparency, I'm a little (ok, VERY) partial to the beauty in your sitter photos. She is my niece Mia.

Upon seeing these photos I was overwhelmed by the beauty you captured of our darling girlie, It is also evident that you have a passion for your craft. Thank you for sharing.
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