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Breathe in the moment.

March 05, 2019  •  Leave a Comment



Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, or a working parent, we all have those days. Those days where we can't seem to get ahead. Those days where it seems like it's one spill after another, one tantrum after another, one angsty teenage outburst after another... fill in your brand of chaos here. 


Today was one of those days. We ALL have them. The most together parents I know have them. 


HERE'S MY REMINDER TO YOU -  A reminder I have to give myself ALL. THE. TIME.


Stop and just breathe in the moment. Don't get caught up in the hustle to keep the house clean. Don't get caught up in the need to fill the calendar, fill the day, fill the hours. Just breathe in your children for a moment. For me, this happened as I finally got some quiet during nap-time. We all know the coveted quiet that comes with getting all our kids to sleep at one time. The moments we have to decompress and reset mid-day. The time we have to FINALLY get something done. I challenge you to just sit in the quiet. Go look at those sweet, peaceful faces. Admire all their sweet details that we love so much. Their long lashes. Their pudgy little fingers. Those baby toes that no one can get enough of. Preserve that moment. And give yourself that hard reset you deserve. 



Here's the cliche: They're only young once and one day you'll miss it. It's cliche, but it's true. So stop and breathe in these moments with your littles and let the small stuff go. 


Rainbow Babies.

March 04, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


That is the number of women who experience a miscarriage or infant loss in their lives. Every single day in the US, 2,000 women lose a baby to pregnancy/infant loss. That’s 700,000 a year. One quarter of all of the females in this country. The numbers are staggering and, yet, women who go through this feel SO. ALONE. 

There is something that is gaining awareness and helping to open up the conversation on this, a term for the babies we have after a loss... Rainbow Babies. They're our beauty after the storm. The color after the grey. The light after the dark.



While our rainbow babies are celebrated and loved so much, they don't take the pain away. We don't forget the loss. BUT, part of the beauty of the rainbow baby is the significance they give to those lost. They acknowledge the loss of one babe, while celebrating the life of another. There's nothing more beautiful. 

I don't hesitate to share that I too am a rainbow baby mama. My youngest, Miss Monroe, is our rainbow baby. And our last baby. So she's kind of our whole world. I know firsthand the anxiety that goes with a pregnancy following a loss. And the joy you experience when you make it through to the other side and meet your sweet rainbow baby. So here at MiraBella Photography, rainbow babies are CELEBRATED.

I frequently run specials for Rainbow Baby mamas and I will always create custom sets for your rainbow babies if you want them. They can be understated small details or front and center. So message me today if you want to celebrate your rainbow after the storm... as a newborn, sitter, or in a rainbow cake smash to celebrate the passage of their first year.




The Sitter Session.

March 01, 2019  •  1 Comment

If you're not a photographer, you might not have heard the term "Sitter Session."

Y'all. It's my FAVORITE. 

If I had to pick one type of session to do for the rest of my life, this. is. it.



So what is a sitter? Just like it sounds, it's a sweet little babe who is at the "sitting" stage. This generally happens between 4 and 8 months, depending on your little's developmental timeline. Every babe is different. 

This sweet spot in a little's first year is perfect for photographs. They're upright. They're smiling. They think everything is amazing. And they haven't developed stranger danger yet... which means they still think I'm super cool and funny. I will probably make a complete fool of myself for your sitter. Because their little toothless smiles are EVERYTHING. 

This past month, I had Milestone Minis specifically for babies 18 months and under, specifically because I love these ages SO MUCH. Babies change so much their first year that you have to document them quite a bit to catch all those beautiful little stages. Minis are a great, budget-friendly way to do this. Want to know the best part? EVERYTHING  you see here is part of my client closet. That means you show up with your kiddo (NO SHOPPING AT THE LAST MINUTE) and I put them in these adorable little outfits and style them in a way that highlights their cuteness, but doesn't distract with a bunch of background noise. Don't worry, I have plenty of cute things for the fellas too! Certainly if you have a slight shopping addiction like I do and love to style your own tiny human, you can do that too! 

Which brings us to this girl. She is perfect, no? I have never met a more picture-perfect baby girl. And her beautiful little personality matched her beautiful face and she just sat happily, smiling and giving me the sweetest faces in the world. 





I wanted to put her into all of my little outfits and rompers and style her with ALL. THE. THINGS. I could have kept going forever with this little sweetie. 


But this is what a Sitter Session looks like. They're glorious. And here's the good news... MiraBella Photography will now offer MONTHLY MINIS for your littles 12 months and under. Have at it, parents. Capture all the moments. All the monthly photos. All their personality changes. All their new tricks and faces.



Don't forget the Grandparents.

February 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


Maybe you are them. Maybe you treasure them because they give you brief breaks and take your kiddos for date night. Maybe you're like me and your Mom is your bestie and you can't function without calling her daily... Sorry, Mom. I have to update you on the fact that so far today my kids have screamed at me like four times about their pancakes not being the right shape and that I accidentally managed to throw my latte at my own front door. Facepalm.


Grandparents are the BEST. Our kids love them. You probably snap tons of photos with your phone at Grandma and Grandpa's house. But have you ever invited them along for a professional portrait session? Maybe you should! You can totally catch them in their element with a fun Lifestyle Session, or have them tag along for an Extended Family Session! 

My parents, who are wrapped around my kids' little fingers, live way on the other side of the country in the frozen tundra that is North Dakota. You know, that place you keep hearing associated with the words "polar vortex." Well, they come down to visit at every chance they get since we've moved to Texas. Last time they were here, I made sure to document as much as I could. Simple things like our trip to Bee Cave Central Park, my kids' happy place.

I know that one day my kids will treasure these photos SO MUCH MORE than any of the hundreds of styled portraits I have taken of them, obsessing endlessly on every last detail.







So, don't forget the Grandparents. Capture those moments for your littles. 

And print the photos. So they can flip through an album like our parents did with us.

All the in-between moments.

February 27, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

One of the main reasons that I picked up a camera was because of my tiny humans. My sweet babies. They're my whole world and the reason "why" behind everything I do. I share a lot of photos of my own kids, but they're usually posed. They are usually some creative vision that I have stuck in my head that I just have to put out into the world.They are fully styled, fully posed, and fully edited.

This year, one of my biggest goals and new year's resolutions was to capture the real-life moments in my own home. To document our lives in a real way. To create beautiful albums of how our everyday life really looks. Without the styling. Without the poses. Lifestyle photography has never been my thing. It probably won't change my business model. *If you love lifestyle, my photographer bestie ROCKS that style and I'm happy to send the referral!* But I've been inspired to do more for my own family.

These particular moments came to be because my littlest little, who is the sweetest, happiest, most laid back baby I've ever met, was playing peek-a-boo post diaper change. Her name is Monroe, but we all endearingly refer to her as Baby Roe, thanks to my 2-year-old who couldn't quite get her name right when she was born. 

Her cute little face and scrunchy smile was too much to resist. I had to stick my camera all up in her face. And the results have me swooning. 

Introducing my sweet Baby Roe, in all her naked, pudgy, flirty glory.

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